As Tuna Tartı, we are proud to contribute to domestic production. We are progressing with the principle of selfless working in all products developed and produced in our world. We produce solutions for all projects and functional systems requested by our customers. We produce domestic products arising from the combination of our R & D team and our production track, and reduce imports to a minimum. We are followers of future technologies to ensure quality production. In our Işıkkent factory in Izmir, we produce at maximum speed according to demand.

In this journey we started in 2006, we produce systems that appeal to many sectors such as weighing systems, load cells, indicator systems, vehicle and work machine weighing systems, scale and scale systems. With our knowledge and experience, we have the necessary technical knowledge and experience to offer better quality, creative solutions.

We produce many types of load cells to be used in platforms that require high precision. Aluminum alloys, which are highly resistant to corrosion, are used in our products. Load cells, which differ according to capacity, vary according to their usage areas. In addition to flat type, s type, platform type, pressure type load cells, the load cell is designed according to the requested special systems and taken to the production stage. Load cells manufactured from steel material according to IP68 protection class are used successfully in harsh industrial conditions.

indicator - Our indicator productions ... We produce indicators that show the capacities by converting the weight quantities measured by the load cells into electronically readable figures. Indicators, which differ according to their usage areas, are indispensable elements of all weighing systems. Tuna indicators with high precision A / D conversion technology and special anti-vibration software technology contribute to domestic production. We want to contribute to the technological product exports of our country with this type of production.

In the force and weight measurement sector, we produce the technological products that are not produced in our country locally and with superior features, and adapt the locally produced products to the technological innovations in parallel with the developments in the world, and make them internationally competitive products. We establish technological systems by producing weighbridge systems ready for use in every field. Industrial scales, vehicle scales, filling systems, bagging and impact scales, dosage and efficiency scales, tank weighing systems are produced with Tuna System technologies. By keeping your investment quality at the highest and your costs at the lowest level with the services we offer you; we ensure your labor, time and capital savings.