Big-Bag Filling System

  • High capacity, 20 t / h filling speed
  • Precise weighing, 1/1000 precision
  • 0 kg - 2.000 kg big-bag filling
  • hydraulic suspension system
  • The continuous weight information recording and information transfer via the control panel
  • Precise filling in fast-slow filling logic,
  • Authorization and user identification, date-time reporting via the panel,
MODEL T-BBF 600 T-BBF 1000 T-BBF 2000
CAPACITY 600 kg 1000 kg 2000 kg
PRECISION 1/1000 1/1000
FILLING CAPACITY 20 Ton/Hour 20 ton/Hour 20 Ton/Hour

Tuna Big-Bag Filling System is designed to operate under heavy industrial conditions. Semi-finished products in the factory area can be bagged as Big-Bags. The system consists of a solid body, hydraulic lift, weighing unit, transport unit, and control panel.

In the weighing system part, SB3 stainless steel load cell and Tuna LPi Indicator are used. It can fill the desired capacity from 0 kg to 2.000 kg. Although the system is hydraulic, it is a Big-Bag Filling System with Automatic Weighing. The system is capable of filling with a capacity of 20 t/h and an accuracy of 1/1000.

It is designed to be used in full industrial and heavy conditions. Thanks to its hydraulic system, it ensures that the filled product is fully seated. After filling, the big-bag transfer can be done easily thanks to the euro pallet design. It is a system without ground and height problems. Thanks to the control panel on it, daily, weekly, monthly... weighing information can be obtained, this weight information is automatically recorded on the flash disk or it transmits the weight information to systems such as MRP and SAP via ethernet.

It is designed for use in sectors such as Petrochemical, Cement, Food, Agriculture.


Industrial Use

The places in contact with the material are stainless steel

IP68 Protection Class

Easy use and assembly

Resistant to heavy conditions

Domestic Goods

OIML-CE Certified


petrochemical plants

Port and storage facilities

cement plants