Blower Big-Bag Filling System / Container Unloading


Tuna Big-Bag Filling System with Blower is designed to be operated under heavy industrial conditions. Containers filled with air suction systems can be emptied, semi-finished products in the factory area can be bagged. The system consists of an air suction system, compressor, weighing unit, transport unit, and control panel.

In the weighing system, SB3 stainless steel load cell (load cell) consists of Tuna LPi Indicator. It can fill the desired capacity up to 0 kg - 1.000 kg - 2.000 kg.

Although the system is mobile, it is a Big-Bag Filling System with Vacuum System and Weighing.

It is designed for unloading containers in port areas. The system has a Suction System. It has the ability to be transported to the desired location, to transfer products, and to fill Big-Bag with its 60mt Hose and wheel system.

It is designed for use in sectors such as Petrochemical, Cement, Food, Agriculture.


Industrial Use

The places in contact with the material are stainless steel

IP68 Protection Class

Easy use and assembly

Resistant to heavy conditions

Mobile system-Portable

Air suction hose up to 100 meters

Domestic Goods

OIML-CE Certified

Ex-Proof option


Container unloading areas

Port and Storage Facilities

cement plants

Petrochemical Plants.