Efficiency Scale

Tuna Randıman


Display 6 Digit, 14.2mm Red 7 Segment LED

Keypad 4 tactile keypads

Status Indicators Led indicators showing the status of Inactivity, Zero zone, Tare, Working status and Relay Outputs


Minimum Input 0.02uV/Division

Analog Input Range 1mV/V - 10mV/V

Load Cell Input 350-1000 Ohm (Maximum 10 Load Cells)

Internal Resolution 24bit / 16.000.000

Measurement Speed ​​3840 samples/second

Load Cell Supply 5Vdc


Calibration Load calibration, mV/V calibration or Digital calibration


Outputs 4 x 10A/250V (Standard equipment)

Inputs 4 optical isolated digital inputs (standard equipment)

Options BCD/Binary Output (Optional equipment)

4/20mA - 0/10V Analog Output (Optional equipment)

Profinet, Profibus, EthernetIP, ModbusTCP (Optional equipment)


Communication 1 RS232 or RS485 selectable serial output. 1200-115200bps

1 standard RS232 serial output. 1200-115200bps

Modbus RU/ASCII communication


Supply/ Power 24Vdc (+/- 10%) / 5W maximum

Box/ Dimensions Panel Type metal box, 35x104x104mm

Operating Temperature -20/70°C

Protection Class IP54

Tuna TWi Panel Type Indicator is a smart weight control device. Thanks to its high-speed measurement and decision-making mechanism, it offers an ideal solution for Yield Scales. The system can work alone as well as integrated with PC/PLC and Operator panel. In case of bunker cover failure and error, the flow is maintained by switching to automatic discharge status.


Fast and Precise double-speed filling

2 Total Passed Material Amount (One of which can be reset)

Selection of Flow or Total or Instant Weight values ​​display on the main screen display

Filling End Final Filling values ​​display

Ability to set filling set quantities without entering the menu

Automatic Shot amount calculation feature

Ability to set automatic working speed by giving a target flow rate

AltClape closed/ AltBunker full signal controls

Automatic evacuation in case of error (By-pass)

RS232/485 or Ethernet ModbusTCP controlled connectivity options, fully integrated operation with PC/PLC etc. systems

PC Monitoring and Reporting software EfficiencyTrackingSystem